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Dakota Johnson was ignored by Jesse Eisenberg on ‘The Social Network’ Set

Jesse Eisenberg allegedly disregarded Dakota Johnson on the set of The Social Network, and the entire situation seems unpleasant.

For Vanity Fair, Johnson sat down with her The Social Network co-star Andrew Garfield, where the two spoke about the 2010 biographical drama and working with Eisenberg, 38, who portrayed Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in David Fincher’s film.

“You and Jesse [Eisenberg] were so busy on that movie, and I was obviously in it for four seconds, but I spent a few days on set just watching,” Johnson says of his brief appearance in the film as a Stanford University student and Sean Parker’s love interest.

“I remember sitting down with you guys for lunch one day and you guys bombarded me with questions.”

“You were really nice, and Jesse didn’t acknowledge me,” Johnson went on. “He was probably in character.”

Garfield answered amicably, stating he felt compelled to “in some way defend” Eisenberg.

“In that moment, there was perhaps some of the Zuckerberg coming through. He was most likely taken aback by — “The star Tick, Tick… Boom! started.

Johnson added, “…my beauty,”

Garfield laughed and responded, “By your beauty, yes.”

Even though she was just on screen for a few seconds, Johnson was still nervous.

“I was so nervous,” she recalls of her appearance in Aaron Sorkin’s and David Fincher’s film The Social Network. “You know, I don’t sleep the night before I film anything, and I get that empty, anxious, shaky sensation. It was fantastic.”

Andrew continued by recounting his original views on Dakota, saying, “I remember seeing you at a party after we finished the movie. I believe that was during the Academy Awards or something… I remember seeing you at the afterparty and thinking how gorgeous, lively, and eager to connect you were, and I felt the same way.”