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Nicole Kidman Reveals She and Keith Urban Dropped Out Of High School

She is one of Hollywood’s most successful and highly praised actors.

Nicole Kidman recently admitted in an interview that she and her musician husband Keith Urban never finished high school.

In a recent radio interview with Sydney’s KIIS FM, Kidman said as much. After presenter Kyle Sandilands admitted he didn’t graduate high school, she opened up to him. Kidman did state, however, that it was “not a good promotion,” implying that she does not support students graduating from high school early. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.

Kidman confessed that she never finished her schooling beyond class 11 while discussing her early professional problems.

“I don’t think I’m cut out to be an actor,” the Big Little Lies actor added, “I don’t have the brains, I didn’t even finish year 10, I can’t take in all that rubbish.”

“I didn’t finish Year 11 and I somehow got there, are we allowed to say that?” she continued.

‘We got through on a wing and a prayer!’ Kyle added.

Kidman then stated that Urban did not complete high school as well. She said, “I don’t think Keith finished Year 10 either. But we shouldn’t be putting that out there, it’s not a good promotion.”

Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jay-Z, and Ryan Gosling are among the superstars that did not complete high school. Due to the constraints of a full-time job schedule, it is rather usual for younger superstars to drop out.

The Undoing star also said that her first job was as an usherette at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre, which provided her with a “little bit of cash” and the opportunity to work in a theatre.

‘You got a bit of cash and you were in the theatre,’ she stated.

The flame-haired actress has now gone on to become one of Hollywood’s greatest names, with highly praised films such as Eyes Wide Shut, Moulin Rouge!, and Australia.

Kidman was born and raised in Sydney, where she attended North Sydney Girls’ High School before dropping out. She met fellow Australian actress Naomi Watts when she was there, but their relationship didn’t blossom until they both worked on the 1991 film “Flirting”

Naomi previously told People magazine in 2017 about her relationship with Nicole, saying, ‘We’ve gone through a lot together over a significant amount of time. That history binds you.’

‘We have a strong respect and love for one another. If you hang out with us, you’ll have fun. I’ll promise you that.’