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  • Jennifer Lawrence falls on the stairs as she goes to accept her Best Actress Oscar

Jennifer Lawrence falls on the stairs as she goes to accept her Best Actress Oscar

Last night, the Silver Linings Playbook actress won the Best Actress Oscar on her second try, and at just 22 years old. But that wasn’t the highlight of the night.

Her voluminous strapless Dior Haute Couture gown caused the disaster on the stairs as she made her way to receive the famed small golden statue. She stumbled slightly and was left clutching her head in her hands with shame.

Jennifer’s Silver Linings Playbook co-star Bradley Cooper and X-Men: First Class co-star Hugh Jackman rushed to her aid, but Jennifer quickly rectified the problem, refused any assistance as she pulled herself up and proceeded to receive the award.

The Hollywood elite gave the actress a standing ovation.

She expressed her gratitude by saying, “Thank you so much. This is nuts. You guys are only standing up because I fell and you feel bad. That was embarrassing.”

Jennifer subsequently expressed her gratitude to her co-stars and crew for their support before being a good sport and wishing another candidate, Amour actress Emmanuelle Riva, a happy 86th birthday.

Jennifer’s speedy recovery might be attributed to her previous experience in a similar circumstance.

However, she wasn’t the only one who felt embarrassed at the major occasion.

When a toilet overflowed into the lobby just as the stars were entering, the organizers were furious.

During the 85th Academy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night, no one mentioned the leak, but witnesses said about half of the reception room was covered.

Staff inside the Dolby Theatre attempted to salvage the situation by using hoovers and mops to combat the deluge.