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Stalker Threatened To Kill Ariana Grande Repeatedly

Last week, singer Ariana Grande filed a civil harassment restraining order against a man she claims has repeatedly visited her Los Angeles home, made death threats, while wielded a huge hunting knife.

On the evening of Sept. 9, when Ariana was at home, things reached a crisis point. Aharon Brown, the accused stalker, reappeared, this time reportedly wielding a huge hunting knife. When asked to leave by security, he got belligerent and yelled, “I’ll f**king kill you and her.”

Brown attempted to flee the scene but was apprehended by police.

Grande’s management recounted a schedule of Brown’s “sporadic” visits since mid-February in a statement asking the court order. “Mr. Brown has come to Ms. Grande’s residence nearly every day,” he added, adding that Grande had never met or talked with him.

Brown has been routinely coming to her house “for over six months terrifies me,” the 28-year-old Los Angeles-based artist testified in court, adding that she is “absolutely terrified.”

“I am also fearful because Mr. Brown has been recently been coming to my home every day, has threatened violence and has brought a weapon to my home,” Grande added in her statement.

She went on to say, “I am concerned for my own and my family’s safety as a result of his threats. Mr. Brown will continue to come to my house and try to physically injure or kill me or members of my family until a restraining order is obtained.”

Ariana stated, “the fact that Mr. Brown was able to determine where I reside scares me,” as he has been visiting her house “nearly every day, and sometimes multiple times a day.”

A police officer also submitted a statement stating that he was concerned that the alleged stalker would be freed from prison and that the restraining order was necessary. He’s still in detention, charged with two felony charges of making criminal threats, according to our research.

Brown has subsequently been charged with making criminal threats on two counts.

Ariana has been given a temporary restraining order, and the matter will be heard again on October 5.