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  • Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Crashed A Halloween Party In Toronto before world knew they were a couple

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Crashed A Halloween Party In Toronto before world knew they were a couple

A group of partygoers at a 2016 Halloween soiree in Toronto had no clue that they were being joined by present and future British royalty.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was on Ellen DeGeneres’ program on Thursday, when the presenter asked her about attending a Halloween party discreetly before the couple became public with their relationship five years ago.

The Duchess of Sussex told Ellen DeGeneres that the party’s post-apocalyptic theme was undoubtedly a consideration.

“He came to see me in Toronto, and our friends, and his cousin Eugenie and now her husband, Jack, they came. The four of us snuck out in Halloween costumes to just have one fun night on the town before it was out in the world that we were a couple,” she remembered.

No one at the party knew Markle and the royals were there, according to DeGeneres.

“It was a post-apocalypse theme, so we had all of this very bizarre costuming on,” Markle remarked of the party, laughing. “We were able to just sort of have one, final, fun night out.”

At the end of October 2016, it was revealed that they were dating.

Meghan and Harry’s Halloween parties have become a touch more subdued in recent years. They remained at home with their 2-year-old son Archie and 5-month-old daughter Lilibet this year, and DeGeneres paid them a visit.

“We wanted to do something for the kids, and then the kids were just not into it at all,” Meghan joked. “Archie was a dinosaur for maybe five minutes. Not even five minutes. (Lili) was a little skunk, like Flower from ‘Bambi.'”

DeGeneres lives next door to Markle and Harry in Montecito, California. She also paid a visit to the couple in the United Kingdom in 2019, when she claimed she held and nursed a then-baby Archie.

Meghan said in the same interview that Archie was “not into” Halloween and that he only wore his costume for less than five minutes.

The complete interview with DeGeneres with the Duchess of Sussex will broadcast on Thursday.